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T-Ball 4 to 6 years

T-ball is generally 4-6 year olds. Your coach will ask that you participate with him/her at least three times a week. This could be 3 games or 3 practices or any combination of the 2 depending on game schedules.

What you should expect your child to learn from playing t-ball:

  1. Don't be scared of the ball.
  2. Batting position and stance.
  3. What are bases and what order to run them in.
  4. Glove placement.
  5. Proper throwing technique.
  6. Familiarity with field positions.
  7. How to field ground balls and fly balls.

Playing the game - t-ball rules:

  1. The batter may receive 3 pitches from their coach. If they are not able to hit the ball from these 3 pitches, the tee shall be placed for the player to use. The player will be allowed to swing at the tee until they hit a fair ball.
  2. The player may choose to use the tee rather than have the 3 pitches from the coach.
  3. It is important to keep the game moving in order to keep the players' attention on the game. Games should last no more than 1 hour.
  4. Most games will be 3 innings. A fourth inning may be added if time allows and all players are still engaged. 
  5. If a base runner is called out (tagged out, ball caught, etc.) they must return to the dugout.
  6. All players, regardless of team size, will have a position on the field. Players must be rotated into a different position each inning. Each player should have 1 at bat in every inning.
  7. The last batter may run all the bases unless they are called out.

During the game please be supportive to the coach and volunteers, and encourage all players. Please ask the coach if they need help with anything. There should be plenty of helpers on the field to make sure the children understand the game.

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